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About Brian L. Sargent Furniture Maker


My lifelong goal has been to design and build quality handcrafted furniture. My education and job experience have been a 30-year journey toward this end. My passion for fine furniture making began before age 16. After completing the carpentry program at Nashoba Technical High School, I took a course at the prestigious North Bennet Street School in Boston. Subsequent employment in fine furniture making shops refined my technical skills and educational workshops gave me an appreciation for creative, high quality design. In 2002, I was admitted to the New Hampshire Furniture Masters Association and in 2011 I became the Association’s chair.

My designs are inspired by all that I see around me, whether this be during walks in the woods, in a museum visit, or in a client’s home. As a photographer, I have learned to take the time to investigate all the nuances of shape that I find in an object, an architectural detail or a view. I practice yoga and being ‘in the moment’ focuses my attention on the artful compositions inherent to the patterns and forms in these images. 

My aim is to translate my visions into sculptural pieces of furniture that I find to be energetic, well balanced, and harmonious. Each new design takes me on an adventure. Using negative space, I create a dynamic feeling in my furniture. I am particularly intrigued by the process of using curves to create a sense of freedom, movement and energy with a piece.